Behaviors Tracking

Some behaviors have been changed, is there any affairs?

There is always lot of executions for unavailability when approaching for eating out or going out. There is a secret telephone habit and a late back home.

“If you want to know the truth, we will provide you with the truth, the exact truth.”

The detectives of Thailand define the behaviors tracking is to observe the movement of someone or something at any taken place and with anyone.

The detectives and team is carefully tracking people’s behaviors by using the high technology to collect photos, videos and voice records as the witness of changes.


Behavior Tracking

  • Behavior of lovers, couples, and subordinates
  • Behavior of employers, debtors, others upon request
  • Malice, threats and abuse by telephoning or mailing
  • Other cases upon request and general investigation
  • Photos, videos, voice records of persons, place or vehicles

*Notes: The personal information such as name, surname, appearance or any involved information is required for detectives and team to find out the most accuracy evidences.

**Notes: You will accordingly receive the progress report from detectives in every step of operation and you can also question the progress from detectives at anytime.