A professional private security service is a special service of “Detectives Thailand”. If you and your family need protection, we will serve you with no reason and no matter what you are; celebrity, VIP, politician, diplomat, businessman, etc. Our specially trained bodyguards have various experiences and situations, so that you will feel safe with our professional protection.


Transport Protection

We provide highly-secured transportation by protecting VIPs to safely arrive at their destination; such as airport, hotel, etc. Besides, we also provide a service of “valuables” protection under transportation to the destination.

Wage rate: contact the detective directly.

Wage rate:

N/A Baht = 1 Day

1 Day = 10 Hours

Overtime rate = +10% N/A per 1 hour

+5 minutes = 1 hour

*Note: Costs mentioned above is not included gasoline, expressway, parking fees, and other expenses.

By and Bodyguard team

**Notice: Detectives of Thailand mainly focuses to serve Thai people, so there is only Thai language.  Nevertheless, if a job is necessary to participate with foreigners, Detectives of Thailand and team of detectives can speak English fluently. Thus, there is no communication boundary.