1. The costs of detectives have been well analyzed and calculated by the team of investigators, so it is strictly not allowed for any negotiation on discount.

  2. The payment must be done before the mission start. Upon completion of the payment if there is any cancellation, there will be no refund for any reasons and exceptions.

  3. The personal information of the team of investigators is not reachable. There is neither registration office address. The given telephone number and bank account will be occasionally provided for customers case by case. The consciousness and reconsideration are strongly advised before making decision and payment.


  1. The personal information such as name, surname, photograph, home address, work place, working hour, transportation, vehicles (model/color/license), or any involved information is required for detectives and team to find out the most accuracy evidences.

  2. If the tracking target was being followed by others detectives before, you will need to inform our detectives and team. This is because the tracking target experienced being tracked and they will be more careful to live their life. Therefore the detectives and team will need to adjust their investigation plan to get the most accuracy evidence you required and to avoid any dangers that might be occurred.

  3. In case of the tracking target travel out of the identified area, for the best investigation, detectives need to stay at the same accommodation or the hotels nearby or get into the same place as the target visit such as restaurant, golf course, etc. The cost of listed services must be borne or maid by you, detectives will previously inform for your consideration.

  4. In case of detectives and team finish the mission before the dateline, we then have right to stop investigating and we will immediately report the results.

  5. In case of detectives and team injured during duty, detectives and team has right to consider to stop investigating at anytime without refund.

Notes 1: The condition could be changed upon on consideration of the team of detectives.

Notes 2: Any information you have received after the detection, the team of detectives will not participate in your consideration, your discretion is required.

Notes 3:  The team of detectives does not accept the requesting payment in any situation, but we are able to advise only the debtor’s information which will be useful for the creditor.