Business Investigation

“If you want to know the truth, we will provide you with the truth, the exact truth.”

If we knows insights of someone that we are dealing with, will we have advantages over them? The best answer appeared in the Chinese novel called

“Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is “One, who knows the enemy and knows oneself, will not be defeated in a hundred battles”. In the same way, if businessmen know insights of the firm such as its executives, shareholders, employees, merchant middlemen, and also competitors, they can decide whether to accept or refuse the investment.

The Detectives of Thailand professionally provides clients with corporate investigation services.The clients will receive the truth as the scrupulous intelligence and insight as they needed to increase their business potentiality.

Business Investigations

  • Board of Committees, Shareholders, Number of shares holdings
  • Products, Services, Competitors
  • Background or credibility of business partners or joint ventures
  • Evidences of assets or personal/corporate ownership
  • Internal fraud/data leakage/subversion
  • Perpetrator/lost property tracking
  • Competitor’s business activities/strategies
  • Production, distribution and perpetrator of counterfeit/pirated goods
  • Evidences for legal prosecution/defense
  • Other cases as required

*Note: In addition to the foregoing, please contact detectives directly.

General Investigations

  • Missing person/pet/lost and found announcement
  • Evidences of election law violation
  • Announcement by warrant of arrest
  • Other cases as required